Bpromo: A Brand New Product Customisation Service

Bundarra is excited to introduce our commercial customers to our new affiliate business Bpromo, which is an Indigenous product customisation service. Bpromo offers businesses, organisations, schools and non-for-profits marketing assistance through the use of custom promotional products.

What makes this new service unique is Bpromo’s extensive collection of authentic Australian Indigenous artwork, which can be incorporated into the customisation of products. If you would like to view Bpromo’s full artwork library you can find the catalogue here. Bpromo has over 20 years of experience collaborating with Indigenous artists to create beautiful printed products. They have extensive experience working within Indigenous communities and such can utilize these contacts and knowledge to help promote Indigenous businesses and organisations.
A selection of the promotional products Bpromo offers, printed with authentic
Indigenous artworks.
Promotional products are an incredibly effective, low cost form of marketing. Bpromo offers a full range of promotional products including apparel, bags, drinkware, stationary, technology and wellness products. These useful products allow businesses and organisations to connect with consumers on a physical level. Promotional products can be used as giveaways, or official merchandise that can subsequently create a new source of revenue for businesses.
Screen Printing tees in Brisbane, Australia. Design - “Strength and Solidarity” by Holly Sanders.
Bpromo provides a full range of customisation services including, DTG (Direct-To-Garment) printing, Screen Printing, Transfer Printing and Embroidery. DTG is exellect for reproducing photos, illustrations and intricate designs in full colour. Screen Printing is perfect for printing bold colour and designs on clothing, and is a very cost effective method for large orders. Transfer Printing is commonly used for sportswear and uniforms as it is ideal for printing logos. This printing technique has the ability to print surfaces that are unable to be printed by other printing methods, such as hats and synthetic clothing. Lastly, embroidery is a highly versatile and durable technique for branding uniforms and workwear. Through these customisation methods and with the help of Bpromo’s design team, businesses can create unique designs that combine Indigenous artworks and their logo.

We encourage everyone to check out the Bpromo website and have a peruse of what is on offer. Whether you’re a school, business or Indigenous organisation, Bpromo can help bring your marketing to the next level. You can find the Bpromo website here and if you would like to start a project with Bpromo you can find the Start a New Project form here.