Bundarra’s Beginning – The Bundarra, MaraWay Connection

The story of Bundarra’s beginning is pretty incredible, or at least we think so. This post comes at a significant time as Laura Dance Festival 2021 has just been announced. Bundarra Brand had its first ‘soft’ launch at the 2011 Laura Dance Festival with a small run of sportswear including simple items such as caps, bags and some shirts. There are many fond memories of this time, the key one being that the experiment was a huge success and we sold out in a flash. People absolutely loved the products and it became clear that we were onto a good idea. From there Bundarra Brand was born with the purpose of bringing Indigenous culture to the mainstream with profits channelled to supporting community development.
Bundarra started as a joint venture between 2 companies. One was an Indigenous organisation focussed upon community outreach and giving voice to Indigenous culture. They had been rolling out important projects but were relying upon government funding which was soon to cease. This is where Regal Sportswear, a non- Indigenous company stepped in with their resources and business know-how to create Bundarra.
In 2015 Bundarra’s Indigenous partners decided to restructure and rebrand, concentrating on their efforts in local community development. They have now become what is known today as The MaraWay. There is no denying that through all this there were some difficult times, however Bundarra and The MaraWay continue to have a positive relationship and support one another in all future endeavours. A percentage of every Bundarra sale goes back to The MaraWay to support their important community work and services.

As testament to the strong foundation that Bundarra and their partners originally formed in the last 3 years $1.5 million has been contributed to Indigenous employment development, artist sponsorship and direct sponsorship and donations for community development. We look forward to the future and continuing to support the positive community work that The MaraWay does.“While The MaraWay and Bundarra are no longer joint owners of the business, Bundarra has made an ongoing commitment to contribute a percentage of every sale towards our services for the community. Bundarra’s support and their loyal customers provide a reliable source of income enabling us to continue giving support to people needing a helping hand. Thank you!” - Andrea Jackson CEO of The MaraWay

The MaraWay is based in Cairns where they provide an important hub and services for the local community. They aim to help break the cycle of suffering by helping individuals and families improve their lives and positively contribute to the community. The MaraWay provides a safe place for anyone that needs it and works with individuals to provide whatever they may need whether it’s shelter, food, employment assistance, vocational training or other services. Helping people build the determination, resilience and momentum to make positive life changes is a key part of what they do. One of their most successful projects has been the Let’s Get Back to School Program. It tackles the important issue of school attendance and education. They provide a healthy breakfast for children in crisis accommodation as well as transport to school. So far, the program has been an incredible success with school attendance growing from 40% to over 90%.

Check out the full inspiring story on The MaraWay website.