Introducing Bundarra’s new Premium Fitted Face Masks

Desert Trail Premium Fitted Adults Face Mask

COVID-19 is still continuing to have an effect on everyone's lives here in Australia. Sadly we are not yet past the pandemic, and as such it's important that we all continue to be vigilant with our precautionary measures, including the use of face masks. In places such as transport and supermarkets where we can’t easily socially distance, face masks continue to be an important form of protection for you and the people around you. If you’d like to stay safe and stylish, our funky new Premium Fitted Face Masks are a great option.

We know that many of you have been searching for a premium face mask with a more structured fit and nose wire, made from high quality materials. Bundarra’s premium masks are designed with two panels and an additional non-woven interfacing layer to create a lovely structured fit. They are composed of 4 layers; a bamboo outer, a non-woven interfacing layer and 2 layers of soft cotton lining. Most exciting of all is these new masks include a nose wire which allows for easy breathing and creates a nice snug fit. Just like our classic face masks, each mask comes with two complementary PM 2.5 Activated Carbon filters which can be inserted into the mask for further protection.

Our stylish new masks come in a fun array of designs that are sure to bring your next outfit to a new level. A couple of our favourites include Desert Trail (featured in above image) and Khaki Camo. Be sure to take a look yourself, you can find all of our Premium Fitted Adults Masks here.