Laura Dance Festival - New 2021 Dates Announced!

New Dates for the Laura Dance Festival have been announced! This wonderful celebration of Indigenous arts and culture will be taking place on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of July 2021. Tickets will be available from this coming Monday the 6th of July.

The Laura Quinkan Dance Festival takes place in Laura, a central meeting place for people across the Cape peninsula. Laura is in Quinkan country, a place of important cultural significance. The area is home to Australia’s most important rock art sites. It is also the location of a traditional Bora ground, a respected and sacred site where the festival takes place. Performers from 20 different communities including Aurukun, Bamaga, Coen and the Torres Strait Islands come together to celebrate their culture. Sharing stories through music, dance and cultural performances to bring Indigenous culture to a wider audience. Families gather to exchange and pass on history and knowledge through the generations. From when the festival first began in the 1980s, it has gone from strength to strength. At the last festival in 2017, 23 different dance groups performed and over 9000 people attended from all over Australia and overseas. It is believed to be the longest running Aboriginal cultural festival in Australia.

“Music and dance go together. Everybody dances – it is just in you and you do it all the time. The old people danced because it was part of their life. We do the same.” Ang-Gnarra 

Since 2011 Bundarra has been a proud sponsor of Laura festival. This year we are continuing as a major sponsor through providing a full eCommerce platform for ticketing and marketing support. We strongly believe in the importance of supporting Indigenous cultural events as a way of preserving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and to help showcase the strength and pride of Indigenous people to the world. Laura Festival plays a hugely important role in sharing culture and Indigenous people’s strong connection to country. We are very excited for The Laura Dance Festival 2021 and the beautiful experiences it will bring everyone. 

Video: Laura Dance Festival (Link: