The Story Behind our Name

We thought it was time that we shared the story and meaning of our name Bundarra. Our Indigenous partners originally come from the wet tropics of Far North Queensland. They chose the name Bundarra, a word that comes from Djabugay language to reflect their connection to the rainforests of Far North Queensland. The Djabugay people are from the mountains, gorges, forests and rivers of the Great Dividing Range and Barron Gorge National Park. This country is home to one of Australia’s most iconic animals, the Cassowary. Bundarra (pronounced Boon-daaarra) is the name for Cassowary in Djabugay language. The Bundarra holds great significance for the Djabugay people, it is their totem and represents their spiritual connection to their country. The bird is known as the keeper of the rainforest; it cleans the rainforest floor by eating and digesting the seeds, which then grow and regenerate the forest. The Bundarra makes the rainforest healthy, which in turn makes the Djabugay people healthy. This is a beautiful example of the connection between country, people and the value that each provides the other. This message is what Bundarra is all about; working in harmony with country and culture. Like the Bundarra, we collaborate and grow new ways of sharing First Nations art and culture to create a great forest of appreciation and understanding. 


Cassowary (Bundarra) in rainforrest

Image captured by Gillis Rolland-Monnet