Quandamooka Mens Casual Shoe

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Clean whites and coastal colours make this shoe perfect for those summer days!  Take these to the beach, or a day trip up our gorgeous coastline and rolling hills.

Style: Casual Urban Shoe
Fabric: Canvas print, natural gum rubber sole
Artist: Shara Delaney
Story: Quandamooka

Please note:

Story: Quandamooka
Shara Delaney

The three main circles within this painting represent the three Quandamooka clan groups; namely Noonuccal, Gorenpul, and Ngugi clans.

The wavy lines emanating out from the clan circles are the flowing waters of the coastal regions. These lines also depict “connection lines to country and animals”. The motifs of fish, turtles and dolphins are totemic to the various clans and represent identity.

The soft blue colour palette of the painting echos the colours of the seas and coastal
regions of the Quandamooka.

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