About Us

Here at Bundarra we create meaningful designs through collaborations with Indigenous artists to support Indigenous communities. We are dedicated to sharing our platform and resources with the wider community so that First Nations voices, culture and stories can be shared in an authentic way. Bundarra works hard at giving back to the community through the creation of employment opportunities, supporting artists, community development and sponsorship of cultural events.

Bundarra's Stall at Laura Dance Festival 

The story of Bundarra’s beginning is pretty incredible, or at least we think so. Bundarra Brand had its first ‘soft’ launch at the 2011 Laura Dance Festival with a small run of sportswear including simple items such as caps, bags and some shirts. There are many fond memories of this time, the key one being that the experiment was a huge success and we sold out in a flash. People absolutely loved the products and it became clear that we were onto a good idea. From there Bundarra Brand was born with the purpose of bringing Indigenous culture to the mainstream, with profits channelled to supporting community development.

Bundarra started as a joint venture between 2 companies, one of Indigenous descent, alive with concepts and love for Indigenous culture and community, and the other a company (Regal Sportswear) with the ability to provide the infrastructure and know-how to bring these ideas to life! However, in 2015 our indigenous partners decided to spread their wings and refocus on the non-for-profit community outreach scene, becoming what is known today as The MaraWay. Bundarra and The MaraWay continue to have a positive relationship and support one another in all future endeavours. Bundarra is now operating as a non-Indigenous company but continues to financially support The MaraWay. A percentage of every Bundarra sale goes back to The MaraWay to support their important community work. You can read the full Bundarra - The MaraWay story here.

At Bundarra we recognise the importance that art has to First Nations culture and heritage. We exist to honour Indigenous art and improve cultural awareness and appreciation through wearable art and fashion. Bundarra values that sharing of culture leads to respect and the coming together of different communities and all Australians.


Our Social Impact

Here at Bundarra we have created a business and platform designed to support Indigenous arts, culture and communities. We provide this support through promotion, employment and funding. In the past 3 years Bundarra has directed 1.5 million to Indigenous employment and training, artists, models, sponsorships and direct community funding. Wherever possible we strive to have a positive social impact on Indigenous arts and communities.

Our mission: Bundarra recognises First Nation peoples inherent wisdom, we provide a platform so that all Australians can develop an appreciation of Indigenous art and learn from this knowledge and wisdom.

Our vision: For all Australians to develop an understanding and appreciation of Indigenous art and culture.

 Partnerships with Indigenous artists

Artist Holly Sanders (Bundjaung woman) with her artwork "Guygam Sandhills"

We work closely with many Indigenous artists and remote art centres who create the incredible artworks that are displayed through our unique products. Bundarra provides a platform for new artists to promote their personal artistic practice nationally. We are committed to ensuring that all collaborations with artists are conducted in a way that empowers their unique stories and voice. We encourage artists to create artworks that depict stories that they want to share. These stories are closely interlinked with each artwork, as such we always display the artwork in conjunction with the artist and the associated story. Art can be an incredibly powerful educational tool, through collaborating with artists and sharing their art we hope to help cultivate appreciation and understanding.

The artwork and designs used for our products are purchased directly from Indigenous artists with whom we collaborate. These artists are paid on a licensing or royalties basis placing the artist in control of compensation.

 Employment and training

Bundarra supports Indigenous employment and training across all areas of our business, from production to dispatch. We employ many Indigenous workers who work within a range of different areas including development, production, dispatch and modelling.

Sponsorship of events and festivals

Laura Dance Festival 2017

We are engaged in promotion and sponsorship of community projects and events such as Laura Dance Festival and Wynnum Festival. Bundarra was first launched at Laura Dance Festival in 2011 and we have been sponsoring the festival ever since. We are now a major sponsor and provide a full e-service platform for ticketing and marketing support.

Support of community non-for-profit The MaraWay

Bundarra’s original Indigenous business partners run The MaraWay, a non-for-profit community organisation based in Cairns. From their Community Hub they provide important services aimed at breaking the cycle of suffering by helping individuals and families improve their lives positively. The MaraWay predominantly works on an individual basis by providing whatever people may need, whether its shelter, food, employment assistance, vocational training or other services. A percentage of every Bundarra sale goes back to The MaraWay to support their important community work. The MaraWay CEO Andrea Jackson talks about how Bundarra’s support helps them continue their important work:

“While The MaraWay and Bundarra are no longer joint owners of the business, Bundarra has made an ongoing commitment to contribute a percentage of every sale towards our services for the community. Bundarra’s support and their loyal customers provide a reliable source of income enabling us to continue giving support to people needing a helping hand. Thank you!” - Andrea Jackson CEO of The MaraWay

Spreading appreciation and understanding of Indigenous arts and culture

It is Bundarra’s vision for all Australians to gain an appreciation and understanding of Indigenous arts and culture. Through sharing First Nations art and stories we provide a positive way for everyone to connect with Indigenous culture. We believe in sharing our platform, resources and connection into the community, to generate a wider audience and louder voice for the First Nations people. Our goal is to create positive conversations through art and fashion.