Nathan Patterson

Artist: Nathan Patterson

Nathan Patterson is a proud Wagiman Man who is now residing in Torquay on the south coast of Victoria. His people are from Pine Creek, near the Daly River Region in the Northern Territory, where the Wagiman clan are the traditional landowners.

Nathan’s art is a mixture of contemporary designs using traditional techniques that incorporate the Dreamtime stories of his people and of the land he was born on. He continues to tell these stories through his art. Nathan strives to push the boundaries of contemporary Aboriginal art through the use of vibrant colours and traditional design.

Recently, Nathan has branched into digital art and design. For more info on Nathan's work, or if you would like to inquire about having him create digital art/design/logos for you, please visit the links provided below.

Iluka Art & Design


Shara Delaney

Artist: Shara Delaney

Shara is an Australian Aboriginal contemporary artist from Quandamooka country, inspired by stories of her Elders, the generation from One Mile.

Shara Delaney is a traditional owner through her parents the Delaney and close families, the Noounccal, Ngugi & Gorenpul clan groups of Quandamooka. Shara’s paintings are her identity as a strong saltwater woman, connection to family, sand and sea.

For more info on Shara's work, please visit the links provided below.



Charlie Chambers Jnr

Artist: Charlie Chambers Jnr

Charlie Chambers (Jnr) is an Australian Aboriginal artist belonging to the Jarowair tribe from the Toowoomba, Dalby and Bunya mountain region.“When I was young, I would sit with my elders and listen to these Dreamtime stories, but the stories would go in one ear and out the other.

It was when I got older that I started to think about these stories and start painting them”. “The main reason I love painting is to keep the stories that the elders told me about the community alive”.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to commission a painting from Charlie. He's always more than happy to help retell your story to canvas.



Luke Mallie

Artist: Luke Mallie

My inspiration for my artwork is my family, my Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and my tropical surroundings. I’m very influenced by pop culture, animation and modern design. I feel that my artwork is my gift to help others see the beauty of Aboriginal culture, appreciate Indigenous issues, and bring joy to people through colourful art and designs.

While I was born and bred in Brisbane, my heritage is from North Queensland. My mother is from the Kuku Yalanji people in the Daintree/Mossman area where our totem is the crocodile. My father comes from Kubin Village on Moa Island in the Torres Strait Islands where our totem is the sea eagle.

For more info on Luke's work, please visit the links provided below.

Mallie Designs


Lani Balzan

Artist: Lani Balzan

Lani Balzan is a proud Aboriginal woman from the Wiradjuri people. Painting is Lani's passion and she uses her art to showcase the amazing beauty of her culture.

As an art therapist and an educational officer, Lani endeavors to make a positive difference in the lives of young people and their families by teaching them about Indigenous culture.

For more info on Lani's work, please visit the links provided below.

Lani - Australian Aboriginal Art


Holly Sanders

Artist: Holly Sanders

Holly Sanders is a proud Aboriginal Bundjalung woman who is currently residing on Yuin Country, South Coast of New South Wales. Through her art she aims to share her stories, culture and Country in a contemporary way. The patterns of Saltwater Country motivate her, as do stories from the past.

The colours and patterns utilised in her art are a reflection of her connection to Country and used to develop a modern interpretation of her Aboriginal culture.

Painting and maintaining cultural traditions is important for her identity, wellbeing and expresses the way she understands and respects her culture, ancestors and Country.

For more info on Holly's work, please visit the links provided below.


Artist: Alicia Close

Alicia Close is from the Goenpul clan from Minjerribah, North Stradbroke Island. 

"I grew up watching my Grandmother do many forms of art and craft. Listening to her stories, my families stories from my country, Quandamooka Country. 

My art is inspired by my Old people.
Keeping their stories alive. 
Their memory alive.
Honoring them. 

Keeping our culture strong by sharing those stories and old ways through my art so that knowledge continues to be passed down through the generations."