Ngulliboo (All Of Us) NAIDOC 2019 Wristband

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NAIDOC Week 2019 'Voice, Treaty, Truth'- support this year's theme with a beautifully decorated silicon Wristband.

Choose from a selection of 6 NAIDOC Week 2019 designs to wear today!

Style: Silicon Wristband
Measurements: 2mm x 12mm x 202mm
Holly Sanders
Story: Ngulliboo (All Of Us) NAIDOC 2019

Story: Ngulliboo (All Of Us)
Artist: Holly Sanders

The concentric circles in the background represents the diversity, strength and resilience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures. It represents our rich heritage, languages, traditions, lore and history - the world's oldest continuous living cultures.

The centre meeting circle and travel lines represents our journey towards a Treaty for our nation, guided by our Elders and our ancestors. It symbolises recognition, voice and an agreement with a truthful understanding of our history, true reconciliation and genuine healing.

The outer meeting place symbols represents our communities in which both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians work collaboratively, acknowledging our true history. It symbolises all of us working together for a shared future, taking pride in and respecting the Indigenous cultures that have cared for and been a part of this land for thousands of years.

Voice. Treaty. Truth. NAIDOC week 2019

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