No Language No People Flag 2017 Ladies Black Tee (L2)

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Design is based off the painting "Wiray Naiyang Wiray Mayiny" by Lani Balzan.

Style: L2-Ladies Boat Cut T-Shirt, with a wider neck, slimmer cut through the waist and rounded hem. 
Fabric: 150gsm 100% Australia Grown Cotton
Washing: Cold hand wash
Story: No Language No People
Lani Balzan

"Wiray Naiyang Wiray Mayiny"
(No Language, No People)

"So many of our Indigenous languages have been lost and this is a sad fact. I know from my own experience that I was not taught my language as my Elders were forbidden to speak it. This denial of language has had a devestating impact on our culture and is why language is important. It must be kept alive through the generations. "No Language, No People".

In my painting, the single black dots on the white background depict the 130 plus languages already lost. The circle in the black top dotted area in the top left corner represents our ancestors. The single dots on the black background are the 120 endangered languages still spoken today.

The gathering symbol in the middle represents all Indigenous people coming together and sharing the importance of our language. The Wedge-Tail Eagle is my own Totem but in this painting it represents Strength and Courage over the languages and how important it is to protect them."

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