Treaty Together NAIDOC 2019 Wristband

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NAIDOC Week 2019 'Voice, Treaty, Truth'- support this year's theme with a beautifully decorated silicon Wristband.

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Style: Silicon Wristband
Measurements: 2mm x 12mm x 202mm
Nathan Patterson
Story: Treaty Together (NAIDOC 2019)

Story: Treaty Together
Artist: Nathan Patterson

This painting for me represents Connection & Healing.

Connecting back to the Land, back to our Culture. Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people have fought many many years to have our voice heard in this country; we have fought for the truth to be heard and we have fought for Treaty. Only when our cries are heard will there be healing within our Communities. There will be a re-connection to ancestral Lands, represented two hands in the painting.

The Boomerangs symbolize the return on Culture and Country through recognized Treaties. The Gumleaves & Wattle around the water symbolize Healing. The sun setting behind the Gumtree tells the Truth: "It always has and always will be Aboriginal Land".

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