Yura Buanganjin Skater Dress


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A beautiful, light and comfortable dress that will be the star of your spring wardrobe!  Channel your free-spirited, happy-go-lucky side as you slip into this vibrant, bold statement piece. The new skater dress now comes with a laser cut hem, constructed in quality 190gsm Lycra®, a breeze to move in and smooth to the touch!

Style: Skater Dress
Fabric: 82% Polyester 18% Lycra®
Washing: Cold hand wash
Artist: Shara Delaney
Story: Yura Buanganjin

I come from Quandamooka Country. This painting pays tribute to one of our sea country totems, Buangan, the dolphin. Our old people called them porpoises. Today we greet Buangan in the blue waters of Quandamooka sea country with the Jandai greeting of ‘yura’ which acknowledges the Buangan presence and their relationship to our people
Stories handed down through our family tell of my grandfather Sonny Close as a fisherman when he used to strike the water to call Buangan who would chase the fish into the nets. Buangan would be rewarded by getting a share of the catch. In the old days, some Elders could claim as their own certain marked Buangan that frequented Pulan / Amity.

I am always inspired to paint Buangan and they highlight an important aspect of my identity as a Quandamooka saltwater goori. The circles in the background represent Quandamooka Country with the three clan groups Noonuccal, Ngugi and Goenpul – my community, my people.

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